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Apr 23

10 months: a letter

gazing at daddy b&w

My precious little dolly girl, you just light up Daddy and my life.  You are becoming such a real little person with your own opinions and thoughts.  You are growing and learning new things every single day.  It is such a joy to watch you go about your day, seeking out new things to explore …

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Feb 19

8 months: a letter

Her Beautiful Eyes

Oh my sweet girl, you are such a treasure.  You make my heart swell with joy and my cheeks ache from smiling so much.  I love every second we spend together (and we spend a lot together).  It is so fun seeing your little personality develop more and more every day.  When I’m holding you …

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Jan 12

7 months: a letter

Trader Cap grin

My little lovey girl, you are just the light of my life.  You make me smile every second of the day and even in the times when I’m feeling low or getting up groggily in the middle of the night, just seeing your sweet face makes me grin from ear to ear.  I kiss your …

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Nov 13

5 months: a letter

little tongue

Precious girl, with every day that passes I just love you more and more.  I feel like my heart is going to explode when I think about you.  It is such a strong, powerful feeling and just when I think I couldn’t possibly love you any more without passing out with glee then next second …

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Oct 06

4 months: a letter

pink party dress

My little honey bunny, the weather is turning cooler and it is making for some fun snuggly times for you, me and Daddy.  You are so happy and talkative, just cooing and squealing, first softly then loudly, stretching and learning your little lungs and all the fun noises you can make.  You are getting so …

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Sep 06

3 months: a letter

M close up

Sweet baby of mine, I think I have finally got this Momma thing down.  You are just such a joy to spend time with, I cherish every second we have together.  I love gazing at your beautiful blue eyes and petting your soft skin and hair while you are nursing.  There is just something magical …

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Aug 05

2 months: a letter

M's close up

My little dolly girl, Two months old and such a sweetheart.  This month has been so much fun!  I remember your first month was kind of a struggle, getting used to a whole new way of life and adjusting everything to the new normal all while trying to recuperate from childbirth, figure out breast feeding …

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Jul 07

1 month: a letter

Baby in a Boppy

My precious baby, I can hardly believe you are already a whole month old!  The days and nights have all blended together into one big blur of nursing and snuggles and laughter and a few tears (mine and yours).  Your Daddy and I just love you with our entire hearts and every fiber of our …

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