Decorating our Nursery Part 2

A few days ago we posted about getting on the path for decorating our nursery which you can read by clicking here.  Karen and I have still not completely finished a room in our house (besides the nursery) though we have done a lot a work on other rooms, those last decor items and finishing …

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Decorating our Nursery Part 1

Karen and I have been working on our house off and on for the last three years and ironically, the first room that is going to be done is the nursery.  Now it is not quite finished yet, but it is getting close.  At first Karen went through all sorts of color schemes and fabric …

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Wood Floors for the Great Room

Connecting our back two bedrooms to our kitchen with actual flooring instead of concrete foundation has been high on our to-do list for a long time.  Finally, we were able to get it accomplished.  What we find so taxing on our DIY projects is the fact that we are living in the space that we …

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My nursery chair!

Guess what!?!  My new nursery chair arrived today and it is soOoOo amazing!!  Kenny’s Grandma told us to pick out whichever one we would like and she would get it for us.  She is such a sweet and special person.  Thanks Grandma for my beautiful new chair, I know McKenna and I will be spending …

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Laying Wood Floors in the Hallway

Karen and I have laid our copper maple wood floors in both of the back bedrooms and before McKenna (our baby girl) gets here we wanted to get the flooring done in half our house.  To get to that point we needed to connect our kitchen tile to our two bedrooms in the back of …

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Modernizing the Hall Closet

Our house had been captured by a gigantic pause button, and was stuck somewhere between the late seventies to early eighties.  So, over the last couple of years Karen and I have been trying to get it to catch back up with the present.  One of the places that needed some help and ended up …

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Making a Great Room- Resurfacing the Fireplace Part 2

Good news and bad news the good news is that the fireplace is almost finished the bad news is that it took is a few more days than we thought it was going to.  In my defense, I think I would have been able to get it done a few days faster if KU would …

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Making a Great Room - Resurfacing the Fireplace Part 1

Karen and I are trying to make our home feel as inviting and warm as it can be.  One of the major things that just seemed not to fit in our great room anymore is the pinks and blues of our brick fireplace.  Now we love how the brick looks on the outside of our …

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Future Projects- Resurfacing the Fireplace

Karen bought a fixer-upper house before we ever met, and now over the last several years we have been working at a snail’s pace to make it into a home that we can be proud of.  The planning phases of our projects tend to go relatively quick the problem that we tend to have is …

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Kitchen Remodel- Finishing the Stone Tile

After laying all the tile which you can read about by clicking here or check out all the things that Karen and I have done to the house by clicking on our list tab and scroll down to the remodeling section.  We were ready to finish the floor by putting in the grout lines.  Karen …

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