What Makes our Marriage Work - a kind word

I read a great suggestion the other day and have really been trying to take it to heart, ‘Talk to your spouse more kindly than you talk to anyone else in the world’. Have you ever heard that song “you always hurt the ones you love”?  It seems like all too often we speak the …

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What Makes Our Marriage Work - Best Foot Forward

I think this is more of a reminder to myself than a declaration of how great I am.  I know in any relationship it is important to put your best foot forward, especially in your marriage relationship.  But somehow when you are spending so very much time with your best friend it is easy to …

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What makes our Marriage Work - give 'em a break

We have enjoyed spending time with my family over New Years as our Christmas celebration.  My sister Julie and her husband Neil came into town and we all got together to celebrate.  Neil is not only our brother-in-law but he is Kenny’s best friend from college.  We are so blessed to have our best friends …

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What makes our Marriage Work - In Sickness and In Health

One important part of a lot of marriage vows are the words “in sickness and in health”.  It’s easy to say those words and not even really think about what they mean, until a couple weeks later when your new bride comes down with altitude sickness complete with a horrible headache and all the nausea …

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What Makes Our Marriage Work - Complimentary

Sometimes life gets so busy, you’re busy at work, busy at home, busy taking care of the children, tired, it sometimes gets hard to remember to take a moment to say what you admire about your spouse.  I know I think wonderful things about Kenny in my head all the time.  It seems like I …

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What Makes our Marriage Work - Ask and you shall recieve

I think every woman on the planet mistakenly thinks her husband should intuitively know what she wants or needs. Like they should be some sort of magical mind reader. He should know what you want for your birthday, and know when you need help with the laundry and know how to react when you complain about something. …

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What makes our marriage work: Snuggle

I’ve been holding my baby all day long and now Kenny is busy holding his baby (me). He’ll be back on the blogging schedule tomorrow.Adventure Continued Here »

What Makes our Marriage Work - Lean on me

Some people say that a marriage should be a fifty, fifty partnership with each person contributing fifty percent.  Some people say it should be one hundred, one hundred.  Kenny and I tend to fall into that latter category, it is important for both partners to be giving their all in order for the relationship to …

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What Makes Our Marriage Work - Empathy

I was surprised to read a statistic recently: most studies indicate that 70 to 90 percent of couples report being less satisfied with their marriages after a baby is born.  In our pre-baby, pregnancy glow it was easy to day dream about this perfect little newborn joining our perfect little family.  She’d coo and smile and …

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What Makes Our Marriage Work – Marriage is not a Sprint it’s a Marathon

Life goes fast and time does fly but the same is true for what feels super significant at the moment will fade in importance as time goes by.  Why get into an argument over who made whom late to a dinner with friends you probably hardly ever see.  There is no need for insults about recording …

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