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Dec 16

Granite countertops step 2


Well after Kenny did a great job jacking up our old countertops it was finally time to bite the bullet and have the new countertops installed.  We had been debating back and forth between two different colors, Giallo Ornamental Extra and Thyphoon Bordeaux.  We finally decided to go with the Giallo Ornamental Extra, it was less …

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Oct 28

Jackin Up our Countertops


Karen and I have decided to make the big splurge and update our kitchen countertops.  We had several other cleanup projects to do, and when we learned that we could save $250 by removing our old countertops ourselves we rented a dumpster.  Now I am all for demolition, I usually have the problem of finishing …

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Jun 10

Shopping for some granite

Typhoon Bordeaux

Kenny is FINALLY off school for his summer vacation (well except for when he has practice for cross country or soccer) so that is freeing up more of his time to focus on some home renovations.  He has been going strong everyday getting one project after another tackled.  We also have our contractors hard at …

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Apr 04

Great Room: Redoing the Entry Way

Laying the Tile

Karen and I have been slowly making our great room great.  For a little over a year we have had half of it done, but along came our first child and progress had slowed to a halt.  About two months ago we got back to work on it because before too long our little baby …

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Jan 31

Making a Great Room: Progress at Last

Texturing the Walls

We are still trucking along in an effort to complete our great room.  We resurfaced the fireplace, knocked down a wall separating our two living rooms, laid wood floors in half the den and have really been working hard.  Somehow in the midst of being pregnant and having a new baby things seemed to slow …

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Aug 10

Ultimate to do list


I’m kind of a nut when it comes to making lists.  I almost always have a to do list running somewhere, whether it’s on a notepad, a piece of paper in my purse, in my phone, wherever it is it just makes me feel more organized and therefore better able to relax when I have …

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Aug 02

Taking Back Our Great Room

Old Storage Room

Since M’s birth getting the house in order has been put on the back burner, but now that she is approaching two months old our window to get our great room in order is getting shorter by the day.  We want to make sure we have our great room completed before she is crawling around …

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Jul 27

Nursery Photo Arrangement

Nursery Photo Wall

I always have a hard time deciding how to group photography in frames in our home.  It is especially hard to narrow down which pictures to use when my hubby is such a great photographer.  But somehow for M’s nursery photo arrangement I just knew exactly what I wanted.  Of course I drew some inspiration …

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Jul 05

Nursery Reveal


Karen and I decided to use our third spare bedroom as the nursery.  The wall color was already a robins’ egg blue so we choose a similar shade called swimming by Sherman Williams as the nursery color.  The crib bedding was really the center piece of the nursery.  It took a while for Karen to find a pattern …

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Jun 22

Easy to Make Bookshelves

Size of the Bookshelf

In planning the nursery, Karen spent countless hours surfing the internet site Pinterest. By the time she was done she had hundreds of things pinned to her board.  After gathering as many ideas as she could, Karen wanted me to go through all of them, Yippee!  Knowing that a happy wife makes for a happy life …

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