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Caribou Falls: Minnesota

Caribou Falls
Lake Superior Northshore is full of fantastic sights.  Chief amongst them is the many waterfalls that dot the countryside.  Caribou Falls is just one of the beautiful Minnesota waterfalls that we got to visit during our time there.
Caribou Falls Trail
This wonderful little waterfall had everything I look for when out tracking down waterfalls.  A short easy scenic hike, secluded enough to not be overly popular, and it is a gorgeous waterfall. The perfect trifecta.  Caribou Falls is just north of Little Marais.  The trailhead is marked and is part of the Superior Hiking Trail.  As for the trail itself it is just a 1-mile roundtrip hike with an overall slight gradual incline until a set of stairs leads down to the base of Caribou Falls.  It has a well maintained easy to follow trail.  That makes the hike seem faster than it is with its nice views of the Caribou River.
Nature Tracker
Caribou Falls is a nice gem of a waterfall in Minnesota, but far from being the best.  With that being said, it will go down as one of my favorites due to the company I got to spend it with.  Over the last few years we have had the blessing of going on extended family vacations.  A chance for the kids to spend some quality time with the grandparents and see some brilliant sights.  My pregnant wife, feeling a little waterfalled out, decided to keep our two-year-old in the car while I got to go with my parents and my oldest on a little adventure hike.  Which was great.  My oldest, who had just turned five, during our time in Minnesota came up with some nicknames for us.  I am Sandy Dad and she is Dirt Girl.  When our powers combine we become an adventurous duo.
Caribou Falls Sign
Our adventure began at the parking lot of the Caribou Falls State Wayside.  Nice little parking lot with an information sign that let us know that our destination was only a half mile away.  The trail was easy to follow, however a five-year-old can have a hard time staying on the path.  It seems everything can be fascinating if you are seeing it for the first time.  Making the hike more about the journey than the destination, which isn’t that why I should be hiking in the first place?
Leaf Heart
I love getting the chance to see nature through my children’s eyes.  The fascination and wonder at the changing of leaves, the sounds of nature, and the glimpse of an animal.  My she certainly is my little nature tracker.  As she spotted a small brown snake by the turn in the trail, and called out loud and proud to the group at her finding.  I would have thought it was just a stick.
Dirt Girl and Sandy Dad
We could hear the falls before we could see it.  Around a bend and down a flight of stairs sat Caribou Falls a scenic 40-foot waterfall.  Not the best one we saw on our trip but certainly a memorable one thanks to the company and the journey.

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Caribou Falls
Located at the Caribou Falls State Wayside at 7232 MN-61, Silver Bay, MN 55614
1-mile roundtrip hike
easy to low moderate hike
20-30 minutes

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