Sep 17

Amity Falls – Minnesota

Lester Park Waterfall
Amity Falls was the first falls we saw at Lester Park.  Right then, we knew it was going to be a fun visit.  A nice 44 ft. tall waterfall with a bridge overpass and a gazebo right next to it.  Back home we are lucky if our city park has something other than a playground for the kids.  Don’t get me wrong we like our local spots and go there all the time.  However, Duluth is truly blessed with scenic areas disguised as their version of everyday parks.
Lester Park Bridge
Extremely accessible.  Amity Falls is located off of Occidental Blvd.  It is a popular park but if you can find parking near the gazebo then Amity Falls becomes a roadside attraction.  If not, there is a small parking lot just north of the falls and easy hike down to it. At the falls, you have two options.   Settle for the view along the rim and bridge or head down the steep rocky area to Amity Creek.  If you do decide to walk down to the base of the falls watch your step.  There is no designated path. A misstep here or slick rock there and it could ruin your whole Lester Park experience.

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Amity Falls
Located near the 500 block of Occidental BLVD at Lester Park in Duluth, MN
For more information about Lester Park visit their website at http://www.duluthmn.gov/parks/parks-listing/lester-park/

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