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Lester Park – Minnesota

Running Water of Lester Park
Yet another great city park in DuluthLester Park is a scenic area that was the perfect combination for my family.  Had a play area for the kids, waterfalls for me, and easy road access to all its major features for my then pregnant wife. We really enjoyed our time there.
Good Times
Duluth is a city packed with outdoor grandeur.  Lester Park is another fine example of what Duluth offers the outdoor enthusiast.  Great trails located right in the city.  We really could not ask for a whole lot more.  While Lester Park does not offer the same remote feeling as Congdon Park.  It does offer a great place to spend the afternoon.  Hiking the trails, watching your kids play on the playground, and seeking out the waterfalls.
Lester Park Bridge
Home to several named waterfalls.  Some decent sized drops among the smaller ones.  During the warmer months, the area serves as a good swimming hole.  Our time saw us there during early June and the water was still freezing.  Though those tougher skinned Duluthians were out and about having a good time splashing about.
Shallows Waterfall Lester Park
We really enjoyed our time at Lester Park.  The whole Duluth, Lake Superior area was one of our best vacations in a long time.  There were so many fun outdoor spots to explore and see.  Even “run of the mill” for the area city parks like Lester Park were fantastic.

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Lester Park
Located at 61st Avenue East and Superior Street
Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information about Lester Park visit their website at http://www.duluthmn.gov/parks/parks-listing/lester-park/

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