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Wisconsin Point Lighthouse – Wisconsin

Lake Superior Shoreline
Staying on the other side of the ten-mile-long sand bar we could see the small white speck of a lighthouse.  Did not look like much.  Though we knew it was there.  One-day curiosity got the best of us. So, we drove down to the end of Park Point on the Duluth side of Lake Superior and did a little beach combing as we hiked the shore line towards the Wisconsin Point Lighthouse.  After walking a ways and pockets full of all the things my daughters found interesting.  We turned around.  Our little outing did not give us a great view of the lighthouse.  Wanting to get closer we did a little internet search.  There we learned that we could come from the Wisconsin side and get right up next to the Wisconsin Point Lighthouse.
Wisconsin Point Lighthouse from Minnesota
The next day we planned to see some beautiful Wisconsin waterfalls and on our way back to Duluth stop off and see the Wisconsin Point Lighthouse.  It was a cold overcast day with a little chop on Lake Superior.  The water was a reddish brown color.  I guess this is caused by the erosion, wave action, and river drainage.  Definitely a different look than the clear water that can be found further up the North Shore.
Wisconsin Point Lighthouse
Not the most scenic lighthouse but worth a trip.  The Wisconsin side of one of the longest freshwater sandbars in the world is certainly more rugged than its Minnesota counterpart.  This ruggedness did allow for an incredible animal sighting.  After we parked and started walking up towards the Wisconsin Point Lighthouse a large bird took to flight.  It had been perched on the rocks next to it.  It was a large bird of prey but took off and all I could get was a distant photo of it as it flew away.  A nice little addition to a quick stop at the Wisconsin Point Lighthouse.

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Wisconsin Point Lighthouse
Located at Wisconsin Point Rd, Superior, WI
Hours: Motor Vehicles and parking is prohibited from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.
Free Attraction that is not open to tours but accessible by a concrete walkway
For more information visit the Wisconsin Point Lighthouse website at

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