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Tischer Creek Falls – Minnesota

Tischer Creek Waterfall
The North Shore of Lake Superior is a waterfall hunter’s paradise.  From rugged remote falls to those located in cities and towns along the shore.  These Minnesota waterfalls are scenic and any Top 10 list would need to include Tischer Creek Falls.  Tischer Creek Falls is a series of 5 waterfalls that runs the length of Congdon Park.
Tischer Creek
Congdon Park protects a mile-long gorge that was created by Tischer Creek as it carved up the red volcanic rock called rhyolite.  Deeded to the city in 1908. To let all, enjoy the stream, hillside, woodland, waterfall and canyon.  The rugged landscape on both sides of Tischer Creek is like taking an adventure without leaving Duluth.  It was incredible.  I have been to very few places that make me feel that I am out in the wilderness without leaving the neighborhood.
Tischer Creek Falls Congdon Park
Tischer Creek Falls is easy to get to and offers multiple views of its falls.  Either from above on some of the bridges and upper trail.  As well as the trail that follows the creek through the gorge.  Taking either trail it is easy to forget that we were surrounded by roads and houses.  My girls and I really enjoyed our time taking in the series of falls.  If we ever find ourselves back in the Duluth area Tischer Creek Falls is certainly worth a repeat visit.

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Tischer Creek Falls
Trailhead Located down the stairs from the East Superior Street Bridge at Congdon Park
1.5 mile trail that is easy to moderate hike
For more information about Congdon Park visit their website at http://www.duluthmn.gov/parks/parks-listing/congdon-park/

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