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Leif Erikson Park – Minnesota

McKayla in the Flowers
What to do when on a limited budget, have active children, and want to see something worthwhile.  Public park is one of the best ways to go.  Most decent size cities have one.  Duluth, Minnesota has several, one of the most noteworthy is Leif Erikson Park.  Of course, it had us with free.
Lief Erikson Statue
One of the more unique city parks that we have ever been to.  The history of Leif Erikson Park as well as the fact that it sits directly on I35 makes it one of the must-see things in Duluth.  We were there in early June.  The garden was just barely in bloom and most of days were cloudy.  Now like all outdoor activities time of year places an immediate impact on how good of a visit it is. While we did not get to see Leif Erikson in all its splendor. Our girls had a great time running around and posing for pictures.  Which made all the difference for us in determining if it was a good visit or bad visit.
M in the wind
It is a beautiful garden park.  Scenic views of Lake Superior, the Ariel Lift Bridge, and over 2,000 rose bushes amongst its flora collection. A portion of the park is on a tunnel that I-35 goes under.  Duluth is filled with some incredible public spaces and Leif Erikson Park is one of the more popular ones.
An interesting tidbit about Leif Erikson Park is that it was not always named that.  In the 1920s a small group of adventures set out to prove that Leif Erikson and the Vikings not only came to America but ventured deep into its heart.  In the Spring of 1926 four men left Norway and traveled across the Atlantic Ocean.  They made the journey to Boston covering 6,700 miles in 50 days.  From Boston, they sailed to Duluth to take part in a national Norwegian emigrant experience.  Shortly after the trip a Duluth business bought the 42-foot boat and donated it to the city.  Under the conditions that the boat be maintained and the park that houses it will be named Leif Erikson Park.
Leif Erikson Park
Leif Erikson Park was a nice little distraction for our girls.  We spent roughly an hour there walking around taking in the views.  Watching the ships roll in.  If you find yourself in Duluth take the time to visit Leif Erickson Park and imagine the Vikings are coming.

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Leif Erikson Park
Located 12th Ave E London Road
Hours of Operation: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information about the Leif Erikson Park visit their website at http://www.goduluthmn.com/best-duluth-attractions/leif-erikson-park-rose-garden/

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