Aug 25

Now and Then Falls – Wisconsin

Now and Then Falls
The Now and Then Falls is all up to waterflow.  From the pictures that I have seen online to my own experience it all comes down to how wet the season has been.  I guess I was lucky to see some sort of waterfall at all.  While others were there when Now and Then Falls was really flowing.  The name certainly fits this waterfall.
Now and Then Falls SignLocated in Amnicon State Park, one of the best spots to see waterfalls in the state of Wisconsin.  Now and Then Falls is the least scenic of the four named waterfalls.  Lower and Upper Amnicon Falls are the namesake of the park. While Snake Pitt Falls has several small drops before leading to its main attraction.
Now and Then Falls Close up
Hopefully during your visit Now and then Falls will be flowing if not take solace in the many other waterfalls found in the area.

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Now and Then Falls
Located at 4279 S County Road U, South Range, Wisconsin in Amnicon State Park
Roadside Falls- Located on the opposite side of the parking lot from the other falls
There is an admission fee to enter the state park.

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