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Lower Amnicon Falls – Wisconsin

Lower Amnicon Falls
Lower Amnicon Falls is the other and dare say lesser half to what amounts to the park’s main attraction.   While not my ideal type of waterfall.  Lower Amnicon Falls roughly 100 yards away its counterpart and worth the quick way down to see.  Now if my visit to here occured in August then I might have a completely different opinion of the falls.  It seems like an excellent swimming hole in what I imagine is a short window of opportunity to enjoy.  Located in the far northern part of Wisconsin near Lake Superior.  This Amnicon Falls State Park waterfall was just begging for a dip.  However, a chilly June day was not the day to do it.

Lower Amnicon Falls is a 20-foot waterfall with a 10-foot crest.  Almost identical in size to Upper Amnicon Falls.  But that is where the similarities between the two falls end.  Lower Amnicon Falls has a gradual drop almost like a slide.  Scenic due to the fact that it sits below a covered bridge, but it makes for a much better swimming hole than a beautiful waterfall.

Overall, this was my least favorite of all the named waterfalls in the park.  The very scenic Horton bridge is a nice touch to what amounts to a natural waterslide.  Since swimming is allowed I could see this being a wonderful spot to be during the dog days of summer. However, a cloudy day at the beginning of June and Lower Amnicon Falls is just worth a few pictures before moving on.

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Lower Amnicon Falls As is
Upper Amnicon Falls
Located at 4279 S County Road U, South Range, Wisconsin in Amnicon State Park
Roadside Falls- Located right below the covered bridge near the parking lot
There is an admission fee to enter the state park.

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