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Upper Amnicon Falls – Wisconsin

Upper Amnicon Falls
Upper Amnicon Falls is not the biggest or best waterfall in the area.  However, it is the namesake to a state park that should not be missed.  Amnicon Falls State Park was a blast to visit. Everything was accessible not far to walk to and incredibly scenic.
Upper Amnicon Falls Wisconsin
Amnicon Falls State Park has to be one of the easiest spots to see multiple waterfalls named and unnamed in the Midwest.  Four named waterfalls all off the same parking lot long with multiple unnamed cascades in the same area.  Upper and Lower Falls Amnicon Falls, Snake Pit Falls, and Now and then Falls.  As an amateur photographer who loves taking pictures of waterfalls this place along with Patterson State Park down the road made for an incredible morning of Wisconsin waterfall hunting.
Upper Amnicon Falls Horton Bridge
Upper Amnicon Falls is a 20-foot waterfall with a 10-foot crest.  A nice sized waterfall that can be viewed from multiple angles all of which are very easy to get to.  Making this a wonderful waterfall to photograph and work on my craft.  Overall, a nice waterfall that became more scenic when a local country bridge was given a roof and added to the state park in the 1930s.  The Horton Bridge adds a bit of aged charm with its arched support beams and covered bridge appeal.

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Base of Upper Amnicon Falls
Upper Amnicon Falls
Located at 4279 S County Road U, South Range, Wisconsin in Amnicon State Park
Roadside Falls- Located right off the covered bridge near the parking lot
There is an admission fee to enter the state park.

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