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Snake Pit Falls – Wisconsin

Snake Pit Falls
Looking for waterfalls?  Look no further than Amnicon Falls State Park. They have 4 named ones including Snake Pit Falls.  Finally, a waterfall with an interesting name.  Upper, Lower, Bridal Veil, Punchbowl heard of those?  I bet you have.  “Where you going?” I am going to go see Snake Pit Falls.  Now I sound like an explorer.  At least it has a much better ring to it than saying, “oh just going to see upper falls.”
old stone bridge ruins with waterfall
All joking aside.  Snake Pit Falls is a scenic small multiple drop waterfall.  It was hard to determine exactly which part of the falls is actually Snake Pit Falls.  That part of the river has many small drops as it winds its way through Amnicon Falls State Park.  Does it start with the small cascade by the remnants of old stone bridge?  The small drop a short distance down river where a small branch forks from the Amnicon River or is the multi-tiered drop at the end.  Never figured that out and don’t mind because it was all beautiful to me.
Snake Pit Falls Wisconsin
Snake Pit Falls like all the waterfalls in Amnicon Falls State Park is user friendly, easy to get to.  There is a large main parking lot with a loop trail that is under a quarter mile that takes its visitors to all the drops of Snake Pit Falls.  The trail is not wheel chair accessible but I would say it was suitable for any able body person.

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Snake Pit Falls Top Part
Snake Pit Falls
Located at 4279 S County Road U, South Range, Wisconsin in Amnicon State Park
Trailhead is located at the main parking after crossing the covered bridge.
.2 mile roundtrip easy level hike.
There is an admission fee to enter the state park.

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