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Little Manitou Falls – Wisconsin

Little Manitou Falls
Little Manitou Falls is the perfect complement to its big brother just up the road.  Both falls make Patterson State Park a great visit for waterfall lovers.  At 30-feet tall it is a decent sized waterfall in its own right, but pales in comparison to Big Manitou Falls.  Though it has its own features that make it worth seeing.  A split waterfall that I would wager is twice as wide as it tall. Plus, unlike the other fall found in Patterson State Park Little Manitou Falls allowed me to get down to its base.

Personally, I enjoyed Big Manitou Falls more than this one.  However, I found both of them worth seeing.  A nice thing about both falls is their ease of access.  Both waterfalls had nearby parking spots and short hikes to get to. Really a great place for almost all types of people to see two beautiful waterfalls.
Base Little Manitou Falls
We were a little rushed with several different areas planned to see that day.  From what I took in at Patterson State Park it looked like a great place at which to spend some time.  The highlights to me were obviously the two waterfalls, but I thought the short hike I took down from Little Manitou Falls that ran along the Black River was very scenic.  If you like hearing rushing water, feeling the cool mist of a waterfall, and getting out into nature.  Patterson State Park needs to be on your list of things to see.

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Little Manitou Falls Wisconsin
Little Manitou Falls – Patterson State Park
Located 6294 WI-35, Superior, WI
Trailhead is off state Highway 35
.1 Mile to Falls overlook
Easy level hike.

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