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Big Manitou Falls – Wisconsin

Big Manitou Falls
Go big or go home.  That has been our motto on family vacations for a while now.  Discovering that the tallest waterfall in Wisconsin, Big Manitou Falls, was a short drive from where we were staying in Duluth, Minnesota we knew we had to see it.  Being from the plains it is not every day you get to a 165-foot waterfall.  The fourth largest east of the Rockies and as tall as Niagara Falls, how could we not go and see it.

Big Manitou Falls is aptly named.  Big but skinny. One of the main things that stood out to me was the root beer tint to the falls.  Like many of the falls in the area they flow with a tannish tint that comes from the decomposition of the heavy foliage of the area.  At first it was a little off putting, but once learning that it is a natural occurrence and caused by tannins I started to enjoy the strangeness of this waterfalls versus others I have photographed.
Big Manitou Falls Wisconsin
While Patterson State Park is a very large area to explore it is quite easy to see both waterfalls that are found there.  Big Manitou Falls is located near the park entrance on the opposite side of the main parking lot.  Found on Road B near InterFalls Lake there is a small parking lot that serves Big Manitou Falls.  A short walk across the road and very easy .1-mile trail took us to the falls overlook.  The trail continues down to the base of the Black River Gorge but the falls are only visible from the first set of overlooks.

The whole area is chalk full of waterfalls and Big Manitou Falls is certainly one of the better ones to see.  So glad that we made the drive over from Minnesota to Wisconsin.  Make sure if you go see Big Manitou Falls also check out Little Manitou Falls as well as Amnicon Falls State Park.

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Patterson State Park
Big Manitou Falls – Patterson State Park
Located 6294 WI-35, Superior, WI
Trailhead is off the parking lot on Road B
.1 Mile to Falls overlook
Easy level hike.

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