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Black Beach – Silver Bay, MN

Black Sand Beach Highway 61
My wife and girls never thought they were going to get their beach vacation when we headed to the North Star State of Minnesota.  But there we were on a beautiful black “sand” beach.  Girls running towards the waves and retreating squealing with glee as the waves would touch their toes.  Spending some time on Black Beach was like having a vacation in a vacation.  It really took us away from Minnesota.  Until the cold frigid Lake Superior water snapped us back.
M Kick
When we go on vacation we hardly ever visit the same spot multiple times.  Trying to see as much of an area as we can there is just not much time for repeat visits.  We enjoyed Black Beach so much that we saw it twice.  If the weather would have cooperated we would have visited it a third time.  Bar none it was my girls favorite spot in Minnesota.
Black Sand Beach Lake Superior
Located right below Silver Bay on Lakeview Drive.  Follow the road to the end where there is a small parking lot to Black Beach.  From the parking lot, a short hike will take you to a large beach area with a scenic rock formation in the background.  Amazing that what started out as mining waste of taconite tailings has turned into one of the more unique spots of Lake Superior’s Northshore.
Happy Girl
We had a blast playing in the small gravely tailings.  They look grey in the sunlight but once water hits it is as black as night.  We were constantly going from the beach to the water.  The black “sand” was hot on the toes so a quick cooling off in Lake Superior was a necessity.  Unfortunately, Lake Superior is as cold as it sounds.  After a few seconds in the water a numbing pain would overtake our feet and we would quickly have to get out.  Only to repeat the process again and again.  All of that probably does not make much sense towards explaining how great of place we found Black Beach to be.  Words can’t really explain how great of destination Black Beach was for us.  It just was.  Sitting in the sun, looking out at the waves rolling in, listening to them crash on the shore and especially seeing our daughter’s gigantic smiles really sealed the deal for us.

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Cold Water
Black Beach
Located off of Highway 61 about an hour north of Duluth at Silver Bay
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