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Wolf Creek Falls – Minnesota

Wolf Creek Falls
Wolf Creek Falls was supposed to just be a side note in our Minnesota adventure.  A place to stop as we made our way from Minneapolis to Duluth.  It ended up being one of my fondest memories of the whole trip.  All because of my wonderful daughter and her incredible imagination.
Dirt Girl
My oldest and I have had several “adventures” over the last couple of years.  Our first was at properly named Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas.  She was just getting out of a momma only phase and about the last ten minutes of the hike she wanted to be with her.  Once we made it to that waterfall all was well. We have been hooked on those types of adventures ever since.  So, I look for them wherever we go.  Short hikes that we can do together and Wolf Creek Falls looked like the perfect one for us.  Flat, easy to follow (so we thought), and a short trail.  Big payoff at the end in the form of a waterfall.  It is also located about halfway through Minneapolis and Duluth which was our drive for the day.  A win-win if there ever was one.
Banning State Park Waterfall
After stopping at the park’s information center, filling out the form, paying the day use fee, and getting a map, we headed to the Wolf Creek Falls trailhead.  Located at the park’s campground it was a really easy find.  There is a sign at the trailhead and wide mowed path to follow.  The hike is very level for three quarters of the way down the path.  However, the last bit gets a little tricky.  The path ends up on a rocky bluff where it becomes less easy to see.  Best advice is listen quietly for the sound of a waterfall and follow what looks like the most likely path to the sound.
Wolf Creek Trail
The first view of the waterfall will take place from a rocky area that is slightly above and to the side of Wolf Creek Falls.  It’s a good place to sit down and enjoy the area.  From there a path will take you to a small sandy area that lies directly across from the falls.  A great little play area.  My daughter and I kicked off our shoes and dug our feet into the sandy mud and splashed around in the shallows.  After a few minutes of fun, I asked if I could go and take a few pictures of Wolf Creek Falls.  She was ok with that.  So, I walked up a little mound set up my tripod and went to work.
McKenna at Wolf Creek falls
While taking some pictures I started to hear McKenna hum a little tune.  That humming is something she picked up from her mother.  Something they do when they are content.  Well, pretty soon this tune ended up becoming a full-blown song about what she was doing.  Playing in the dirt, splashing around, that she is Dirt Girl out on an adventure with Sandy Dad. We saw many great things on that trip but watching her play and come up with a superhero theme to our quest together topped them all.  My only regret was that I did not record her song.  I was worried that if she caught me she would have stopped singing and I would have ruined the moment. I have tried that in the past but as soon as she sees I am recording her she clams up.  So, I just sat there and enjoyed our joy.  Ever since then I have become Sandy Dad and she has become Dirt Girl whenever we go out on an adventure.

Thus, the origin of Sandy Dad and Dirt Girl.  The dynamic duo that has expanded to include Kid Pebble and Muddy Mom.  When our powers combine we create family fun and memories to last a life time.

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Dirt Girl and Sandy Dad
Wolf Creek Falls
Located at Banning State Park, Sandstone MN
Trailhead is at the campground
1.5 mile out and back trail
Plan for about 30 to 45 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

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  1. freda

    What a fun family adventure. You’ll are so special, love your adventures.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks- we love them too specially the big family adventure kinds!

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