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Stone Arch Bridge –  Minnesota

Stone Bridge and skyline
There is only one like it over the entire 2,320 miles of the Mississippi River.  Built in 1883 by a railroad baron, the Stone Arch Bridge is truly unique.  2100 feet long with 23 bricked arches the Stone Arch Bridge has the distinction of being a National Civil Engineering Landmark. It is also one of the Twin Cities most iconic symbols.
Old Stone Bridge Minneapolis
The railroad stopped using it in 1965 and the bridge now serves as walking/biking path.  It has great views of St. Anthony Falls, the Minneapolis skyline, and overlooks the Mill Park Ruins.  There are lots of things to see in area, but if you have the time visit the Stone Arch Bridge and the waterfall.  It was a great place to get out and take a stroll.  There are some nice restaurant options just a stone’s throw away from the bridge.  As well as the highly rated Mill City Museum.  This is the place to see where Minneapolis was born.
Stone Arch Bridge
My girls and I took a lovely walk across the bridge.  It was fun to see them enjoy the outdoor walk in the city.  Just talk about the things they had seen and enjoyed on our trip.  Of course, we have those walks and talks in our neighborhood all the time.  However, there is just something extra special about building those bonding memories on vacation.

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Stone Arch Bridge
Located at 100 Portland Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 54401
Hours of Operation: 6 a.m. to midnight 365 days a year
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information visit their website at  https://www.minneapolisparks.org/parks__destinations/historical_sites/stone_arch_bridge/


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