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St. Anthony Falls –  Minnesota

St. Anthony Falls
The mighty Mississippi only had one natural waterfall which was named St. Anthony Falls by Father Louis Hennepin in 1680.  By the impression given off by the early explorers it was a heck of a site.  Minneapolis grew up around St. Anthony Falls.  Unfortunately for the waterfall, it paid the price of the areas progress from wild to civilized. By the 1860s, St. Anthony Falls needed the Army Corps of Engineers to rebuild and support it.
Mill Ruin Park
A trip to the St. Anthony Falls is like visiting a history textbook.  Now that might sound boring to you but that is just because you had bad history teachers.  The mark of man’s progress is found throughout the falls area.  The ruin mills and old machinery in the Mill Park and museum.  The railroad company that built the Stone Arch Bridge.  How the falls led to a boom in businesses helping grow the large metropolitan area followed by the bust of those same businesses during the Great Depression.  The engineering marvel of a lock and dam system can also be seen here. (closed in 2015) To a new modern phenomenon sweeping across the country of revitalizing efforts in inner city areas.  The creation of upscale apartments and restaurants in what used to be the rundown part of town.   The St. Anthony Falls area is chalk full of history if you know where to look.
st. anthony Falls from the visitor center
St. Anthony Falls ended up being a lot more interesting visit than what it first appeared.  If you are there during the summer months make sure you take in the view from the visitor center. They have some interesting information on the history of the falls.  But do not stop there.  Go out and walk through the Mill Ruin Park and take a hike across the Stone Arch Bridge.  Imagine what the falls would have looked like over the years.  You might find history is a lot more enjoyable when it is experienced.

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St. Anthony Falls
Located at 1 Portland Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 54401
Hours of Operation: Opens in June and closes on Labor Day from 9:30 to 5:00 seven days a week.
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information visit the national park website at https://www.nps.gov/miss/planyourvisit/uppestan.htm

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