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Great Zoo Exhibit: Grizzly Coast

The Grizzly Coast is one of three total immersion exhibits found in the Minnesota Zoo.  An incredible exhibit that swept us to the Russian Far East.  This was our second trip to the Minnesota Zoo. Thanks to exhibits like the Grizzly Coast it still holds up as one of our favorite zoos we have ever visited.
Amur leopards
Opened in 2008 The Grizzly Coast exhibit has won many awards and accolades since its completion.  It is definitely one of our all-time favorite exhibits.   Home to grizzlies, Amur leopards, sea otters and wild boars.  It is not so much the number of animals on display but the quality of their enclosures.  Each of their habitats are large by any zoo standard.  They also went above and beyond when it came to the visuals of the Grizzly Coast.  With steaming geysers and bubbling mud-pots the only thing was missing was the stink of sulfur.  I am glad they left that stone unturned.
grizzly enclosure
This was my favorite exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo.  My eldest would say the “never ending” rainforest was better.  While my wife liked their Minnesota Trail area because it is an indoor-outdoor exhibit.  Usually it’s a great zoo visit when they have one great zoo exhibit.  The Minnesota Zoo has three of them.
The grizzly exhibit is very impressive.  Large swimming hole with live trout. Geysers, mist, and smoke to make it look like the Kamchatka Peninsula.  The wild boar pit is large, rocky, and muddy.  The boars were huge and when they stood up on their hind legs climbing up the side way to reach the branches above.  They stood as tall as a man.  The Amur leopards in their large enclosure were playing a cat and mouse game with each other.  Chasing from one side to the other.  Of course, one could not forget the sea otters.  Otters swimming around are always a crowd favorite.
mn zoo sea otters
The immersion exhibits are always a real treat to see at any zoo we visit.  It is great to see animals in as close to a natural space as can be had at a zoo.  Watching grizzlies hunt for fish or go for a swim is an incredible experience.  Even if it is in a controlled setting.  Getting a chance to visit a zoo with high quality exhibits just gets us excited about the next time we can head to the wild and see the real thing.

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Grizzly Coast
Minnesota Zoo
Location: 13000 Zoo Boulevard, Apple Valley Minnesota
Hours of Operation: Summer Months May through September 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with extended hours on Saturday and Sunday and October through April 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. closed Thanksgiving and Christmas
Cost as of this Posting: Ages 13-64 $18.00 Ages 3 to 12 and 65 and over are $12.00
For more information visit their website at http://www.mnzoo.org/

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