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Vermillion Falls – Hastings, MN

Vermillion Falls
While headed to Minneapolis we decided to make a quick detour on our way to the hotel and visit Vermillion Falls.  This waterfall is located in downtown Hastings just on the outskirts of the Twin Cities.  A factory on one side the city park making up the other.  Vermillion Falls is not the most scenic Minnesota waterfall we have visited but was one of the quickest to get to.
Path to the waterfall
Vermillion Falls is a 35-foot waterfall that is about as wide as it is tall.  From the parking lot head, directly straight across to pick up the short trail to the falls.  Unfortunately, the observation deck only has an semi-obstructed.  Supposedly there is a well-worn but unofficial trail that will led to the base of the falls.  I was with my youngest daughter who was not quite three at the time we saw the Vermillion Falls.  So, I was not planning on looking for any trail that would take us down into the gorge.
Grace at Vermillion Falls
Out of all the waterfalls that we saw in Minnesota this one would rank down towards the bottom of the pack.  Not to say I regret going or it was disappointing.  There was just a lot of things going against it.  Some of them being not the waterfalls part.  First it was after a long day of driving the wife and kids were getting just a bit anxious to get to the hotel.  To their credit when asked if they would rather skip it they all said no. As long as it was a quick visit.  Second the view from the observation deck is not the best.  Third the large factory located right next to it takes away some of its beauty.   Still if you are a fan of waterfalls it is worth a stop.  Just think of Vermillion Falls as an appetizer to the full course meal of waterfalls that await you in the state.

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Vermillion Falls
Located at 215 21st ST E Hastings, MN
About 200 yards away from the parking lot
Cost to visit Free
For more information visit the cities website at http://www.hastingsmn.gov/Home/Components/FacilityDirectory/FacilityDirectory/46/485?npage=2

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