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Chase Lake Falls – Cottonwood Falls, Kansas

Chase Lake Falls
Chase Lake Falls is a scenic spillway waterfall located near Cottonwood Falls, Kansas.  Like many waterfalls in the state they are man-made from reservoirs.  Meaning that their beauty and water flow is determined by the amount of water in the lake they flow from.
Start of the Trail
On our particular visit to Chase Lake Falls the water was flowing at a trickle.  So, we were not privy to the full beauty of the waterfall.  However, Chase State Fishing Lake is scenic and we were in the area to see the Tallgrass Prairie Nature Preserve.  All-in-all a pretty good day of sightseeing.
Chase Lake Waterfall
Chase Lake Falls is located just few miles West of Cottonwood Falls off of Lake Road.  Once at the park find a place to pullover near the earthen dam.  It is located at the beginning of the Chase State Fishing Lake area.  Walk across the dam and turn left and there you will see the short trail that will take you to Chase Lake Falls.  The trail is well worn and easy to see and follow.
Chase Lake Falls Trail
The waterfall itself has three main parts and several little drops further along the creek.  Upper Falls area is about a 10-foot drop.  The Middle is the most scenic especially when it is really flowing with 25 to 30- foot drop and the Lower Falls that is wider then it is tall.  Over the course of the creek it probably drops about 100 feet.  While we were not at the most scenic time it was still worth a visit if the falls are flowing.  An earlier spring trip or a visit following heavy rains would have produced better results.

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Chase State Fishing Lake
Chase Lake Falls
Located at 1130 Lake Road Cottonwood Falls, KS
Hours of Operation 24/7
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information about Chase Lake Falls visit the state website at http://www.kansastravel.org/chaselakefalls.htm

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