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Gorman Falls: Texas

Gorman Falls
Gorman Falls is one of the pretty features of the Texas Hill Country.  Located in the middle of nowhere Central Texas this one is a bit out of the way.  About two hours northwest of Austin Colorado Bend State Park was a bit of a pain to get to but seeing Gorman Falls made up for it.
We were driving through the area heading west to east going to Austin and decided to make the effort to see one of area’s best waterfalls.  The entrance to Colorado Bend State Park is off FM 480 in Bend, Texas.  Besides being home to Gorman Falls it is also a place to enjoy water activities and has 35 miles of hiking and biking trails.  We were limited on our time and only made plans to see Gorman Falls.
The trail to waterfall is a little under 3 miles roundtrip.  A rough dirt trail that is mostly exposed to the sun.  Wear sunscreen. If during the summer months I highly recommend hiking in the morning and bring plenty of water.  The trail can get very muddy if hiking after it has been raining.  If so be prepared.  I was not and the light-colored pants (only thing that I had to wear) will never be the same.
Rocky Terrain
Overall the trail runs pretty smooth until the last 100 yards or so.  At this point it gets a bit tricky and the easy hike moves into the moderate difficult zone.  It becomes a bit steep with some metal hand rails to help with the descent.  Now if the trail was muddy take it a bit easy because mud and an inclined rock do not play nice together.
Colorado bend state park sign
Once making it down to the falls there is a small platform with a bench to sit and rest and enjoy the view of Gorman Falls.  The waterfall is spring fed and has created a starkly different ecosystem from the hike above.  Whereas the hike was mostly barren with some sage brush and stunted trees here and there.  The Gorman falls area is a moss and fern draped paradise.   Amazing what a little water can do.

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Gorman Falls
2.6 mile trail that is an easy to moderate hike.
Located at Colorado Bend State Park in Bend, Texas
Cost as of this Posting: $5 per 13 and over 12 and under are free
For more information visit their website at http://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/colorado-bend

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