May 25

Storybook Capitol of Texas – Abilene

Jack Frost
My eldest loves to read.  She always has.  Hope she always will.  So, when we were in Abilene, Texas.  We had to stop by and see the character sculptures. Walking around the park and several of the downtown streets to see them ended up being a real treat for her.  Though a few of the storybook characters I had no idea who they were.  On the bright side gives us something to look for in our next trip to the library.
Green Eggs and Ham
One might ask how in the world did Abilene become the Storybook Capitol of Texas.  Well the city came up with the idea to showcase children’s literature by building a museum.  After the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature was created the city’s next step was to build a series of sculptures of some of the most beloved characters in children’s literature.  Abilene is now up to 24 and still adding more. All-in-all it made for a nice little walk in their downtown area.
Dino and Car
From my kid’s perspective, she really enjoyed seeing the characters up-close.   She had a blast being around them, striking poses, and modeling for the camera.  M would run up to the ones she knew and became inquisitive about the ones she didn’t.  From a dad’s perspective, it was a lot of fun having a little daddy/daughter time touring the area.  It was great to see her love for reading.
Bunny Guardian
I thought the storybook character sculptures were all well done.  Some of the selections were interesting.  Not for sure if there is some sort of licensing agreement on why some are picked over others. Though we had no idea who some of them were just seeing the artistic work of the sculptures still made them enjoyable to see.
Storybook Capitol of Texas
Unfortunately, Abilene was a stopover for us.  By the time, we arrived the storybook museum was closed so I could not tell you if that would be a good stop or not.  The statues were well worth seeing especially the park area with several Dr. Seuss characters.  It was nice stop, got us out of the car which when driving with a 4 and a 2-year-old is what helps make for much more enjoyable trip.

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Horton and M
Storybook Capitol of Texas
Located at 1101 N. 1st St., Abilene
For more information about the Storybook Capitol of Texas see their adventure guide by click on the link

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