May 22

Texas Military Forces Museum – Austin

Armor Row
The Texas Military Forces Museum is a hidden gem.  Free! Can’t beat that.  So off to a good start there.  However, the number of artifacts, military vehicles, and dioramas was incredible.  The Texas Military Forces Museum made this history buff extremely happy.
Texas Military Museum
Located at Camp Mabry an active military base. Meaning that upon entering we had to stop off at the check-in gate.  Here my wife and I had to show a photo-I.D. before we could proceed further.  Simple travel tip have your ID at the ready.  After a few days of road tripping my front seat area was littered with toys, kids snack wrappers, and various miscellaneous things.  Why when I got in the car that morning I sat my wallet down in that mess.  When it became time to show the I.D. it took a few minutes to rummage through the mess.  Luckily there was nobody else in line and the guard was extremely nice about the whole ordeal.
rommel's hat
The Texas Military Forces Museum is deceptively impressive in both size and scope.  Situated in the old mess hall.  This military museum from the outside does not look like much.  However, it has 45,000 square feet of exhibit space as well as an outside row of tanks, artillery pieces, and planes.  What we thought would be a quick one hour visit ended up being one of the more informative and enjoyable parts of our vacation.
Texas Miliary History
Tons of history on display.  Starting with the formation of the state’s first militia force in 1823 to what the Texas Army and Air National Guard are doing in the war on Terrorism.  This place covers it all.  Besides the incredible displays the staff and volunteers at the Texas Military Forces Museum were extremely knowledgable and friendly.  They treated my two little girls so nice.  Encouraging them to try on the military uniforms and feel the weight of the helmets.  They even have some activities for children to do while touring the museum.  Helps keep them entertained and informed as they go.   It was nice to go to a place where the people that work there seem to genuinely care about it.
Alamo Diorama
We were impressed by several things during our visit to the Texas Military Forces Museum.  Some of our favorite highlights were their dioramas of key battles in Texas military history.  The little set pieces were so detailed it was amazing.  Their timeline telling the story of Texas Military Forces was really interesting to look at.  It was like seeing a military history book come alive.  A great field trip destination.  I liked seeing some very historical artifacts.  A piece of the Berlin Wall, Gen. Erwin Rommel hat, rubble from the 9/11 attack on the pentagon.  As a history teacher those things really made it an interesting trip for me. Of course, it would not be a great military museum without the vehicles, tanks, planes, and various other war machines.  Those things they had in spades so if you are in to that this place has you covered.
Texas Military Forces Museum
We are always on the lookout for free attractions to visit.  Free attractions are like my girls favorite new treat, blind bags, you never know what you are going to get.  The Texas Military Forces Museum was an incredible free attraction.  Really worth our time which is our most precious commodity.

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Family at Texas Military Forces Museum
Texas Military Forces Museum
Located at 2200 W 35th St. Building 6 Camp Mabry, Austin
Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information visit their website at http://texasmilitaryforcesmuseum.org/

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