May 15

Jacob’s Dream – Abilene, Texas

House of God
Impressive is probably the best way to sum up Jacob’s Dream.  The 40-foot tall bronze sculpture of the biblical account of Jacob’s Dream of a stairway to heaven.  Located on one of the nicest college campuses I have ever seen.  Abilene Christian University looks brand new even though the Jacob’s Dream statue was dedicated at the university centennial birthday celebration in 2006.  I had never heard of Abilene Christian University before.  From just driving around the campus I left awe-struck
Jacob's Dream M
It is a powerful work of art.  Jacob’s Dream was created by art and design professor Jack Maxwell.  Over the last 10 years the bronze statue has been used for baptisms, weddings, a site for devotional gatherings as well as just a good photo op.
Jacob's Dream
A larger than life sculpture whose message is fully reveled after viewing from multiple angles.  Well worth a stop if you ever find yourself in Abilene, Texas.

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Family at Jacobs Dream
Jacob’s Dream Sculpture
Located at Acu Dr. Abilene, Texas
Hours of Operation 24-hours a day
Cost as of this posting: Free
For more information you can read this article http://www.acu.edu/news/jacob-s-dream-celebrates-10th-anniversary.html

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