Mar 29

Historic Fort Reno: Oklahoma

Fort Reno Chapel
Historic Fort Reno has an interesting history that the good people of the Historic Fort Reno Inc., are trying to retell.  A work in progress.  Historic Fort Reno has been undergoing a renovation and restoration since 1997.  Several of the Fort’s buildings have been stabilized and restored.  As well as new projects along the way. You have to really like history to get the full worth of a visit to Historic Fort Reno.  However, with things like Ghost Tours and very knowledgeable caring volunteers /staff Historic Fort Reno can be enjoyed by anybody.
Static Display
Located a few miles outside of El Reno a small town just west of Oklahoma City.  Historic Fort Reno was one of the first American installations in the state. First commissioned by the U.S. Government in 1874 during the Plains Indian Wars.  The fort served as a military post up until just after World War II.  It has a rich history.  From being a fort that helped supervise the Oklahoma Land Runs to being a POW camp during World War II.  Historic Fort El Reno spent many of its years in operation as a cavalry remount station.  Some of those horses would go on to sire many famous horses like Seabiscuit.
Restored Fort Reno
There are several buildings that have been restored.  These include the chapel, the 1936 Officer’s Quarters, and they are currently in the process of recreating one of the stables.  Also on the grounds is the US Cavalry Association Museum.  As well as the Old Fort Reno Cemetery.
Fort Reno Display
It was easy to tell that the people working there really cared about the restoration and history of the fort.  They have been working really hard returning this national historic site to prominence.  However, with limited funds the exhibits on display are all static.  Interesting information to be sure.  Unfortunately, for those that have conditioned themselves to only getting information from interactive displays, touchscreens, or smartphones will find a visit sorely lacking.
Fort Reno Cementary
Historic Fort Reno was a quiet surprise for me.  I really had no expectations going in I just knew it was in the area and wanted to check it out.  I think they are doing a fine job restoring the fort.  A lot more history to the place than meets the eye.  Hopefully in time they will be able to modernize some of the informational areas so the place may be more enticing to the younger generation.

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HIstoric Fort Reno
Historic Fort Reno
Located at 7107 W Cheyenne St
Hours of Operation; 10 to 4 Monday through Saturday
Cost as of this Posting: Donation
For more information visit their website at

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