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Stafford Air and Space Museum: Oklahoma

Stafford Air and Space Museum
Not all great museums are found in large cities.  The Stafford Air and Space Museum located in the small town of Weatherford is a fine example of great things coming from small places.  A world class museum that is reasonably priced.  Making the Stafford Air and Space Museum a must see when traveling down I40 in Western Oklahoma.
Apollo Space
The Stafford Air and Space Museum has almost 50,000 sq. feet of exhibit space.  Historical and family memorabilia of hometown hero Thomas P. Stafford.  One of the Apollo Missions astronauts as well as the American commander of the first joint mission between the United States and the Soviet Union.  As the name implies it is not just a space museum.  They also house over 20 historic aircraft that depict the history of flight.  A great choice if you are looking for a fun learning experience about the Space Race as well as the technological advancement of flight through the ages.
Aviation Museum
I knew the reviews of the Stafford Air and Space Museum had the museum well received.  So, I expected a good visit.  However, the museum really blew me away.  The Stafford Air and Space Museum is really top flight very similar to my experience at the CosmoSphere in Hutchinson, Kansas.  Another small-town museum that could rival any big city museum.  Both places are well worth your time to visit.
Rockets of the Space Race
It was amazing the amount of history that could be found between the walls of the Stafford Air and Space Museum.  The incredible life story of Thomas P. Stafford would be in itself a museum.  The Titan rocket on display, the replica ½ scale Lunar Module, Gemini Spacecraft, Apollo X Space Suit and thousands of other objects are worth the price of admission.  Even if Stafford never walked on the moon he and his museum were still considered important enough to have a moon rock on display.
Stafford History
While I knew that they would have a variety of NASA artifacts on display, what really made this museum visit stand out for me was their history of flight exhibits.  Just about every major event was covered.   From man’s early attempts to replicas of the Wright Brothers Flyer.  The Stafford Air and Space Museum is a great place to learn about flight.  It really covered all the basics a replica of the “Spirit of St. Louis” to an F16 Fighting Falcon.  The museum ended up being a lot bigger and better than I had imagined it.
Weatherford Museum
I really enjoyed my time at the Stafford Air and Space Museum it is a real gem of an Aviation Museum.  Of course, I am into that.  As a U.S. history teacher, it is always great to see the objects and learn about the people that made history.  If you are interested in space flight, the Cold War, or the history of flight the Stafford Air and Space Museum is the place to go.  Even if you could pass on some of those topics it would still be worthwhile if you find yourself traveling down I40 and looking for a place to stop and stretch the legs for a bit.  Who knows you might find that flight is a little bit more interesting than you thought.

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Stafford Air and Space Museum
Located at 3000 E Logan Rd Weatherford, OK
Hours of Operation Monday through Saturday 9 to 5 and Sunday 1 to 5 closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Day
Cost as of this Posting Adults $7, 62 and older $5 and Children 6 to 18 $3
For more information visit their website at http://staffordmuseum.org/

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