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Washita Battle Site: Hike

Washita Trail
While there is much to learn at the Washita Battlefield no trip would be complete without a hike to the site of Black Kettle’s Village.  Just a short drive a half mile from the visitor center on Highway 47A.  While there is not much to be seen on the hike.  I found it important to stand on the harrowed ground and pay respects for the tragedy that took place there.
Washita Trail Informative #
At the trailhead of the 1.5-mile trail is a rock engraving about the events that took place.  After reading about the Washita Battle I headed across the open Plains to the bend of the river where the Washita Battle took place.   Along the trail there were several stops with a number to call to hear about the events of the battle.
Washita River
The trail is unremarkable, but the event that took place is.  A horrible tragedy that some would call a battle and others would call a massacre.  History was forever changed at the Washita Battle a flickering light of a proud nation coming towards its end, and the continuing long burn of a fire that swept from seas to shining sea.
The Battle of the Washita 1868
Washita Battlefield National Historic Site
Located at 18555 Hwy 47A Cheyenne, OK 73628
Hours of Operation The visitor center is 8 to 5 but the park is open from Sunrise to Sunset
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information visit their website at https://www.nps.gov/waba/index.htm

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