Mar 08

Route 66 Murals: El Reno

El Reno Route 66 Mural
I am not much of a car guy I have always had the philosophy, if it gets me from A to B it is good enough for me.  However, over the years I have come to a greater appreciation of all things Route 66.  Maybe it is the traveler in me.  Could be the history of it.  I know a part of me likes the hide and seek nature of the Americana attractions littered throughout the Mother Road.
RT 66 Mural
There is some excellent Mural Art on Route 66.  We have not been disappointed in one cities work.  El Reno’s work like many other cities depicts local history as well as the romanticized idea of driving down Route 66 in a supped-up muscle car or convertible.  Located in the historic downtown area of El Reno the murals are mostly in a short walking distance of each other.
El Reno History Mural
While checking out the Route 66 Murals in El Reno, Oklahoma stop and pay respects to the nice humbling War Memorial.  Reverently done.  The memorial lists those that gave the ultimate sacrifice in America’s wars for the freedom we enjoy.
War Memorial
Not as many murals as some other cities along Route 66 that we have been to.  However, if you are out getting your kicks on Route 66 El Reno is a good place to stop.

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  1. Cecilia Schell

    Looks like a fun quick trip. You’re the best on finding all these gems.

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