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Booth Family Hall of Athletics: Kansas University

Kansas Experience
The legends of sport echo throughout the Booth Family Hall of Athletics.  A rich colorful history from the first team created at KU, the 1879 baseball team to today’s current athletes.  It is all here.  James Naismith, Billy Mills, Gale Sayers, Wilt Chamberlain, Paul Pierce, and all the greats before and after.  The stars are out in force at the Booth Family Hall of Athletics.
Story of Sports
For somebody from Kansas it does not get much better than this when it comes to sports. The Booth Family Hall of Athletics adjoins Allen Field House a pilgrimage site for all those that love college basketball.  It was a blast for me.  Getting to see the jerseys, trophies, medals, rings, equipment, and various other memorabilia was top class.  However, seeing my family having fun with the interactive area made the trip worthwhile.
The Booth Family Hall of Athletics is divided up into six main areas.  The Story of Sport is a decade by decade exhibit that showcases the majority events of the times.  The KANSAS Experience Wall explains the Jayhawk traditions from the band to rivalries.  Championship Corner is where the legendary teams reside the national champions, bowl game trophies, conference titles, and the beautiful rings.  The Basketball Legacy explains the rich basketball history of the university.  Their Hall of Fame with over 300 inductees from Olympic medalists to NBA players.  An Interactive Fun Zone that has some interactive exhibits to make the visit even more enjoyable.
As non-Kansans and not huge sports fans my wife and daughters thoroughly enjoyed the trip as well.  There were lots of interactive things that really caught my girls’ attention such as seeing how high your vertical jump is compared to some Jayhawk basketball greats, or comparing your wingspan to some larger than life basketball stars.  My wife also enjoyed trying her hand as a sports announcer, following a karaoke like screen and announcing some highlights of a real KU basketball game.  I also noticed my girls gazing over the wall of fame with 8×10 photographs of some famous KU athletes and honing in on the talented females.  It was great for them to see those talented women highlight there alongside the men.
The Rings
For a Kansas fan the Booth Family Hall of Athletics is a great visit.  It is free.  Which is a great start and it only gets better from there.  Incredible to see the rich history of the school.  The original center court, the Pay Heed Banner, and other various artifacts makes the pageantry of college sports that much more real.

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Booth Family Hall of Athletics
Booth Family Hall of Athletics
Located at 1651 Naismith Drive, Lawrence, KS
Hours of Operation Monday through Saturday 10 to 5 Allen Fieldhouse is closed to the public during practice, gamedays, and on the weekends.
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information visit their website at  http://www.kuathletics.com/sports/2013/6/21/GEN_0621133346.aspx

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