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Baldwin Loop Trail: Sedona

Baldwin Loop Trail
The Baldwin Loop Trail is a classic Sedona hike with views of one of the more famous rock formations in the area.  For those into hiking it is a must do trail.  Highly ranked in most of the guide books.  Baldwin Loop Trail is an easy 3.3-mile hike that is mostly exposed to the sun.  Make sure you take proper precautions whenever you venture out for a hike
Baldwin Trail
The trail has wonderful views of Cathedral Rock.  A great reason to take the trail.  Fortunately, it is not the only one.  When taking, the trail look out for a trail sign that says Crescent Moon Trail.  Take it.  This path will lead to Oak Creek.  On a hot summer day, you will thank me after taking a refreshing dip in the nice swimming hole.
Baldwin Trail Rock Formations
The Baldwin Loop Trail as its name implies circles the Cathedral Rock formation.  Making it nice to see the less famous “other side” of the rock formation. Besides hooking up with the Crescent Moon Trail it also has access to the Templeton Trail.  Making the Baldwin Loop Trail a great place to start your day’s adventure.
Cathedral Rocks
Like many trails in the Sedona area a Red Rock Pass maybe needed to access the trail.  The pass basically serves as a parking permit to access the trails.  Since most of the trails are on federal land a National Parks Park Pass can also serve.  Sedona is a popular destination so if you want a semblance of solitude go early and during the off season.  Does not matter either way the scenery is spectacular. Though a parking spot is nice.

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Baldwin Loop Trail
3.3 Mile Roundtrip
Easy Level Hike
About an hour and half
Trailhead starts just south of the parking area on Verde Valley Rd.

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