Dec 14

Cruisers Café 66: Williams, AZ

Cruisers Café 66 Bar
We were going for the whole Route 66 experience while driving to Williams, Arizona to see their animal attraction called Bearizona.  The murals were nice, seeing the Grand Canyon Express up close was kind of cool, and the throwback motif of a restaurant Cruiser Café 66 was a nice feather in the cap to our Route 66 of a day.
Cruisers Café 66
Cruisers Café 66 is a 50s-style restaurant decked out from floor to ceiling with the Mother Road’s car culture memorabilia.  The atmosphere was amazing.  They have an outdoor seating area with bright neon lights and 50s mementos and live music.  Not for sure if they have a regular that plays or rotation of musicians but the guitar player that was playing during our visit was very talented.  The inside was just as decked out as the outside.  Tons of decals, signs, and posters that marked the era.
Daddy and Daugher at the Restuarnt
I had my family with me and my two little girls enjoyed the atmosphere.  It was nice to have a busy/noisy restaurant at which to eat.  My girls did a great job but it was nice for them to be a little rambunctious without other patrons giving us a sideways glance.  Besides my family, I had two of my cross-country runners brave the classic comfort food of America.  Where the rest of them headed to the nearest Mexican food place.  They also had a good time.
Picking Where to Eat
Now for the important bit, the food.  Cruisers Café 66 had some good food.  The price is a little expensive, but I found it was comparable to other restaurants in the area. Our waitress was competent and we were well taken care of.  Those two things go a long way for me in my limited taste palate of fine dining.  My family enjoyed what we ate, but we picked it for the ambiance.  In that Cruisers Café 66 did not disappoint.

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Cruisers Café 66 Food
Cruisers Café 66
Located at 233 W Route 66, Williams, AZ
Hours of Operation 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week
Price: $$ a little expensive but what we expected for a Route 66 themed restaurant on Route 66
For more information visit their website at http://www.cruisers66.com/

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