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Fay Canyon Trail: Sedona

Fay Canyon
The Fay Canyon Trail offers something that many of the Sedona Hikes do not, shade.  Now shade is not something one would normally look for in hike.  Usually it is about the scenery, wildlife, payoff at the end something along those guidelines.   However, out in the Arizona sunshine having the chance to have the sun off me for a few minutes takes the Fay Canyon Trail to a whole new level.
Fay Canyon Trail
Short, level, and shaded the Fay Canyon Trail had everything that I wanted in an afternoon hike in the Red Rock Country of Arizona.  Though it takes a little bit more than those three things to get me out of the car.  So why trek the trail?  The nice thing about Fay Canyon is that it has a diverse collection of flora.  After hiking in Sedona I was a little tired of seeing the usual suspects of cactus, yuccas, and some desert brooms.  Fay Canyon is home to a variety of different plants from wild grapes to junipers.  Though we saw no signs of them black bears also live in the Fay Canyon area so just be bear aware when taking a stroll down the Fay Canyon Trail.
Start of Fay Canyon
Fay Canyon Trail runs along the cool canyon bottom of Fay Canyon.  A loose pact trail that is easy on the legs.  The maintained part of the hike ends at the remnants of what appears to be a rock slide.  It is possible to continue with some rock scrambling deeper into the canyon.  When taking the Fay Canyon Trail make sure you keep an eye out for the Fay Canyon Arch.  About a half-a-mile in on the north side of the canyon there is a little trail that goes to a natural arch.  It will look like an ordinary rock overhang, and it is easy to miss, but with a keen eye sooner or later you’ll see.
Fay Canyon Sign Post
I enjoyed my time walking the Fay Canyon Trail.  It added a little variety to my time hiking in Sedona.  It was nice to see a different community of desert plants.  Like all Sedona hikes it has the beautiful red sandstone cliff walls.  However, the added bonus of a natural arch plus the shade makes the Fay Canyon Trail one of the best in the area.

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Fay Canyon Trail
2.3 Mile Roundtrip
Easy Level Hike
About 45 Minutes
Trailhead starts across the road from the parking lot on Boynton Pass Road.

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