Dec 04

Lennox Crater Trail: Sunset Crater National Monument

Sunset Crater Trail
In a land of scenic views the Lennox Crater Trail offers yet once again another one.  A steep short trail that once I gathered my breath I was able to enjoy the fine sight of the San Francisco Peaks and the Bonito Lava Flow below.  A nice workout.  Worth doing if you have the time and really want to get the most out of a trip to Sunset Crater National Monument.  However, if short on time or not looking to stress your lungs or body then Lennox Crater Trail is worth a pass.
Arizona Mountains
The Lennox Crater Trail is roughly a mile and half loop trail.  The trailhead can be found just down from the monument’s visitor center. There is also a parking lot at the Bonito Lava Flow which is across the street from the start of the Lennox Crater Trail.
Lennox Crater Trail
The hike to the top is well defined and easy to follow.  The path makes for a more difficult hike than it looks.  Yes, it consistently climbs up but the loose volcanic bits and cinders make it tougher.  Good news is once up the only way back is down.  Of course, if hikers did not like a bit of a challenge they would not call it a hike. At the top of the trail there is a nice kiosk giving information about the field of view.  It was nice and peaceful at the top.  Probably a good spot to catch sunrise or sunset.  Especially if you are from the area and have many opportunities to catch the start or end of a day from different places.

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Lennox Crater Trail
Trailhead Located across the road from the parking lot of the Bonito Lava Flow
1.6 Mile Loop trail
Plan for 45 minutes
Difficulty Moderate to Strenuous with 300 ft. of elevation gain on the hike

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