Dec 03

Out of Africa: Revisit

Feeding a Giraffe
Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! If it has claws, sharp teeth, and roars chances are it will have a nice home at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park.  Such a large variety of predators on display. However, it has a lot more to offer than just a typical zoo experience.  It is probably the closest thing that I will ever get to a real safari adventure.
Tiger Leap
What a great group of people that run the Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde Arizona.  I reached out to them letting them know I was bringing a high school group from several states away to the area and I needed some help with tickets.  Thanks to a very generous discount we were able to go to their wonderful exotic animal attraction.
safari drive
My wife, Karen, and I had been to the park before a few years ago.  You can read about our first experience by clicking here.  A truly unique place.  Out of Africa Wildlife Park has large enclosures for its animals, a safari ride, zip line, live animal shows, and is one the best places to take pictures of some of the greatest predators on the planet.  It is a place a visitor could easily spend all day.  Out of Africa was the ideal destination for me to take nineju high school students from the city.  Get them out of the cabin.  Let them experience some wild animals. Walk away with something they will remember for a long time.
The only thing that I wish I would have done differently about the visit was that I should have picked a different day.  Now don’t get me wrong we enjoyed our visit.  However, after being there twice, once with the Predator Feed the other with the Wonders of Wildlife Show I would go on the day they throw big slabs of beef to the predators.  The show they put on was not only great but informative as well.  Personally, I think myself as well as my guys would have enjoyed the Predator Feed more.   If I lived in the area I would definitely be willing to get an annual membership just so I could see both throughout the year.
Sleeping Lion
Out of Africa is not your typical zoo visit.  Which also means that it is going to come with a steeper admission price.  That is why we were so thankful and appreciative that they were so generous to my group.  I am glad that my guys got to experience something out of the ordinary because that makes for an extraordinary vacation.

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M feeding a Giraffe
Out of Africa Wildlife Park
Located at 3505 Camp Verde Bridgeport Highway, Camp Verde, Arizona
Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day
Cost as of this Posting: Adults 13 and up $32.95, Seniors 65 and over $30.75, and Children 3 to 12 $16.45
For more information visit their website at http://outofafricapark.com/

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