Nov 30

Rim Trail: Walnut Canyon National Monument

Island Trail Overlook
Scenic, short, and flat, top three things that make for a “hey everybody can do this one” hike.  The Rim Trail at Walnut Canyon National Monument is an easy .7-mile trail that offers some wonderful views of the canyon below.  Home to over 300 cliff dwellings of the Sinagua people.  Walnut Canyon National Monument offers a glimpse into the 12th century lives of those native people.
Rim Trail
Rim Trail while not nearly as nice as the Island Trail is worth the short time it takes to hike it.  The hike shows off the impressive Walnut Canyon.  As well as a view of the some of the many cliff dwellings found through the monument.  I found it fascinating to think just about how difficult it would have been to live in a community like that.  Basically, perched on the side of a ledge with the water source at the bottom of the canyon and the village crops above.  Oh, to be a fly on the side of a rock to hear the conversation of the village leader that decided to live there.
Rim Trail Overlook
Besides the views the Rim Trail also meanders through a ponderosa forest where the crops were grown.  As well as the ruined walls of a two-room pueblo and a restored pithouse.  If short on time, make sure you take the Island Trail which is the much better choice of the two trail options at Walnut Canyon.  However, if you have the time do both.  There is just something to taking a trek through history and thinking about those whose footsteps came before us.

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Rim Trail
Trailhead located to the side of the visitor center
.7-mile roundtrip
Plan about 20 minutes to hike
Difficulty- Easy
for more information about Walnut Canyon National Monument you can go to  https://www.nps.gov/waca/index.htm

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