Nov 27

Bearizona: Revisit

What a difference a few years make.   It seems like we had just visited Bearizona, but the years are flying by.  Three quick years later and we were back in the Flagstaff area of Arizona.  This trip was more of a work related adventure.  I brought my inner-city cross-country guys along to do some high-altitude training and get out of the city.  I had the guys check out my blog and see what things they might be interested in.  I contacted the great people at Bearizona and they kindly gave my team a generous discount.  Thankfully, we accepted, because on our own we would not have been able to do it.
Karen and I enjoyed or first trip to Bearizona when our oldest was one.  She is now four and our youngest is one so we were looking forward to coming back.  I believe that Bearizona has become our go to animal attraction when in Northern Arizona.  A tradition we would like to keep when child number three comes around someday.
As nice as it was the first go around Bearizona has really stepped it up in the last three years.  We loved the new additions to Bearizona since our last visit.  The otter exhibit was a nice addition to their “zoo” habitat area.  A barnyard area that is a petting zoo.  Their gift shop was amazing. Built as a lodge with over 12,000 square feet of space and assortment of souvenirs.  It is also home to Arizona’s largest model train display.  Last but not least was their incredible jaguar exhibit.  I remember telling Karen this is nicer than most traditional zoo enclosures.  There was a large space for the jaguar as well as 25-foot waterfall.  One of the best single species animal exhibits that we have ever seen.
Well my family loved Bearizona.  So, you might be wondering how a group of teenage boys handled the experience.  The majority thought it was top of the class and the others enjoyed it.  Overall, it was a fun visit for them.  The ones that really had a good time made it in to the Birds of Prey Show.  Something about having a large owl or hawk buzz your scalp with their sharp talons made for an interesting day.  Bearziona does a good job with their raptor show.  They also liked the drive through safari area seeing the black bears close to the cars definitely got their cellphone cameras clicking.  Though they might not admit it, being tough guys and all, they even liked the petting zoo area.
Bearizona is just getting better with age.  We would gladly go back time and time again.  Karen and I hope that they keep adding to it.  If their next additions/exhibits are anything like their new jaguar enclosure Bearizona will start to become the go to animal attraction of Arizona.

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Located at 1500 E. Route 66, Williams, AZ
Hours of Operation:  Open 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 7 days a week during the summer months of June July and August time the rest of the year hours and days vary
Cost as of this Posting: Adults 13 and over $20.00 Seniors 62 and over $18.00 and Children 4 to 12 $10.00
For more information visit their website at http://www.bearizona.com/

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