Nov 19

Aspen Nature Trail: Arizona Snowbowl

Golden AspensThe Aspen Nature Trail is a fantastic fall hike in the Snowbowl area of Flagstaff Arizona.  A short relatively easy hike that pops when the aspens start to change colors.  I say relatively easy because nothing is simple at 9,000 feet.  Good news it is a short hike at less than 2 miles in length.  Bad news it is a short hike one that I wish could have gone a bit longer.  The scenery is outstanding. Aspen eyes
At the base of the Snowbowl ski area in the same parking lot as the Humphreys Peak hike is the Aspen Nature Trail.  My parent’s favorite trees are Aspens.  Over time I have come to enjoy them as well.  Living in the Plains the only time we get to see them is when we head to the mountains.  So, when I get the chance I seek the aspens out.  Something about the white and black spotted park green leaves turning a vivid yellow in fall calls to me.  Like being called home after a long stay away.
Aspen Nature TrailI had no idea the Aspen Nature Trail was there when I drove to the Snowbowl that day.  My mind was set on conquering Humphreys Peak.  Highly recommended hike if you and the weather are up for it.  After my hike up Humphreys I saw the golden leaves of the Aspen groves.  People were walking through them so I followed.  Across the parking lot was a sign for the Aspen Nature Trail. San Francisco Peaks
The Aspen Nature Trail is relatively flat as it winds its way through aspen trees and open meadows.  If you are able to take your offs of the trees.  The trail also has fine views of the San Francisco Peaks and Kendrick Mountain.  Aspen Nature Trail is a great little family friendly trail.

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Aspen Nature LoopAspen Nature Trail
Trailhead Located at the Humphreys Trailhead
1.8 Miles Roundtrip
Plan about 30-45 minutes to hike
Difficulty- easy level but the altitude is 9,000 feet Aspen Trail

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