Nov 15

Williams Murals

Route 66 MuralWhile we will never be able to see Mother Road in its heyday.  The romanticized version of it is alive and well on the walls of the remnants of the Route 66.  There is some really great artwork on display and the Williams Murals rank right up there with the best of them. Williams Route 66 Mural
The Williams Murals are located on the main drag in town.  A nice little stroll up and down their business district is a great way to see the artwork.  We made a day of it.  Stopped at the wonderful Bearizona, had lunch at a local diner, and did a little window shopping as we took in the Williams Murals.
Family in WilliamsAs we have traveled throughout the West and Midwest we have grown in admiration for old Route 66.  We like the fact that many of its attractions are free.  There is just something about that road that strikes the heartstrings of red blooded Americans. Route 66 Military Art
It brings you right back to a simpler time.  Mom and Pop Americana at its greatest.  We really enjoyed taking in the beauty of each one.  In the busy stressful times of today it’s relaxing to just meander down old route 66 and surround your senses with bubbly happy images. One can’t help but smile, turn on the oldies station and drift back in time.

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Route 66 Art

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