Nov 10

Slide Rock State Park: Revisit

Running Water Slide Rock
Slide Rock State Park is a wonderful state park in Arizona.  Having a group of teenage boys (boys cross country team) with me on this trip I knew it would be a place they would enjoy.  First of all, it was a natural waterside and second a chance to jump off a small cliff.  Slight problem.  It was October and the water was freezing.  Oh, but it was fun.
Slide Rock Leap
This was our second stop of the day after hiking the West Fork of Oak Creek Trail.  We had a little lunch.  I mean little because the boys were in charge of getting their lunch together that morning and they were woefully under prepared.  This was our first day out and each guy was in charge of bringing and preparing their own lunch. They undertook it as a group project.  Not realizing just how much each one of them would actually eat.  Needless to say, it was light lunch for them.  Our next visit to the grocery store was much better planned out on an individual basis and a good life lesson for them.  Don’t worry we had snacks back and the cabin and my wife cooked them a full meal for dinner.
Happy Day
After lunch we kind of split up in the state park.  Some wanted to kick a soccer ball around while half of them went with me to check out the surroundings.  A few were sleepy from our early run and hike and took a nap in the van.  What is a coach to do?
Cold Swim
Slide Rock State Park basically sits in a canyon where the creek has created a swimming hole of sorts.  A water slide area that runs into a deeper pool with cliffs on both sides.  The boys tested the water and came away freezing.  At that point it became a test of bravado to see who would take the plunge.  After a round of egging each other on they leapt, splashed down, and got out as quickly as possible.  Telling the next one that is not that bad.  One by one they cliff dived.
Big Leap
After a few jumps it then got to the point of seeing if they could get me to jump.  Now this would be something that I would not have done just on my own.  However, my own machismo got the better of me and I was soon diving into the freezing water.  It was a shock to the system. Albeit a good one.  It was fun not thinking about things for a while.  Just enjoying the moment and acting a like a kid again.

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Big Jump
Slide Rock State Park
Located at 6871 N Highway 89A
Hours of Operation 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Cost as of this Posting $10.00 per vehicle up to 4 adults $3.00 per additional adult 14 and up
For more information visit http://azstateparks.com/Parks/slRO/index.html
Jumpin in

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