Nov 09

Buffalo Park: Flagstaff

Sunset Buffalo ParkBuffalo Park was my cross-country team’s go to running place.  A nice scenic area with a two-mile loop trail.  Crushed gravel so it is easier on the knees than asphalt.  The trail is mostly flat with one steep incline left of the entrance.  Buffalo Park was a great place to run the trail was marked every quarter mile and the trail was longer enough to not get stagnant or boring on a longer run. Running Trail Buffalo Park
At 7,000 feet Buffalo Park was great for some high-altitude training.  We ended up coming to the park four different days during our nine day stay in Arizona.  We ended up doing several different types of trainings in the park.  The boys loved it.  Not the training part.  The scenery with the San Francisco Peaks in the background, the friendly people on the trail, and sweet mountain air was just perfect.  My number one runner commented several times about how great it would be to be able to run in Flagstaff full time.
Buffalo Park ViewNon-runners can enjoy Buffalo Park just as much as those working on finishing their next race.  Besides the scenery it ended up being a good spot to see wildlife.  As my guys were running and I was trudging around I saw deer, several different types of birds, and small mammals.  The main park loop also connects to several other trails in Flagstaff.  There are also exercise areas pull up bars, obstacles, and platforms scattered along the trail. Buffalo Park
The people and city of Flagstaff have done a great job making an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.  It’s incredible the number of miles both paved and unpaved that are available for people there.  If money was no object I would have to look long and hard at living in this incredible area.

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Buffalo Park
Located at 2400 N Gemini Drive, Flagstaff,
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information visit their website at http://flagstaff.az.gov/index.aspx?NID=1789

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