Nov 03

Cadillac Ranch: Amarillo

Cadillac RanchAmericana in all its grandeur.  Cadillac Ranch is about as American roadside attraction as one gets.  Where else in the world would you find 10 cars buried nose first?  Merica Baby!!! Cadillac
What is Cadillac Ranch?  Well it is an art project created in 1974 by a Texas millionaire named Stanley Marsh.  He invited an art group called the Ant Farm to his ranch just west of Amarillo to come up with a one-of-a-kind work of art.  They certainly did.  Burying a collection of 10 Cadillacs ranging from a 1949 Club Sedan to a 1963 Sedan de Ville.  All facing West on the remnants of the Mother Road Route 66.
Spray PaintingMoved from its original home in a wheat field to right off Interstate 40 just west of Amarillo at exit 60. Cadillac Ranch was a nice get out and stretch spot.  Free admission and open all day every day.  It was the perfect stop during my first ever (hopefully not last) cross country team trip.  This past fall I (the crazy coach that I am) decided it would be good to have a team bonding and training trip to the mountains.  Into a rented passenger van and away we went. Cadillac Ranch Americana
The Cadillac Ranch was a pretty good spot for a bunch of teenage boys.  First they got to do a little graffiti.  Second it something out of the ordinary.  Hard to break through to the young ones this day and age.  Seeing how they have been turned into mindless zombies by their phones.  It was a quick stop.  Good photo op and after about 20 minutes we were on our way.
Capitol Hill Cross Country 16
Not a whole lot of things to see in the Panhandle of Texas so anything to break up that part of the drive helps.  Especially the driver.  Cadillac Ranch is a fun stop.  After walking away the only thought that popped in my mind was “only in America.”

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  1. Markus Zindelo

    Looks like a great trip and one the boys will always treasure. Some of your boys have never been out that way, so I know it was something special. Thank you for all you did and continue to do . You are someone special.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thank you for the kind words.

  2. freda

    I’m sure the trip was enjoyed by all.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      It was a lot of fun.

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