Nov 01

Trick-or-treat: Our Halloween Costumes

Halloween Family CostumeAnother wonderful Halloween has passed and we definitely made the most of it.  This year little Miss McKenna requested to be Tinkerbell and the rest of us sort of fell into place.  Initially we thought Kenny would be Captain Hook, but being our only boy we kind of needed a Peter Pan and happily agreed to be the protagonist of our crew.  McKayla made an adorable little Tiger Lily and I was considering being Wendy, the other female character.  But, that wasn’t quite dramatic enough for me so I did a little gender bend and became Captain Hook myself. Halloween 2016
We really had fun and every house we visited ooohed and aaahhed about our costumes.  “You’re so beautiful little tinkerbell”…..”Oh, I’m just going to keep her she’s so adorable (tiger lily)”….. such fun for Mom and Dad to hear!  It was perfect weather and we made the most of it visiting LOTS of neighbors’ homes.  We hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween too!!

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