Oct 25

Lehardy Rapids: Yellowstone National Park

River WalkOne of our last stops to Yellowstone National Park was Lehardy Rapids.  We were heading out through the East Entrance saw it on the map and decided make the drive over.  The Lehardy Rapids is a section of the Yellowstone River that turns to whitewater as the river bed lowers.  Located just three miles north of Fishing Bridge.  A wonderful place for a little easy waterside stroll. There is something special about the sound of rushing water. Lehardy Rapids
Karen and I saw the Lehardy Rapids in early June before the cutthroat trout were making their spawning run.  So, if you are there in late June and July there is a good chance you will see them working and leaping their way up the rapids.  Now I did not see any wildlife along the Lehardy Rapids, but I have heard that it is good spot.  Makes sense.  Just a few miles down the road we came across a mother grizzly and her cub
BoardwalkThough I did not see any wildlife I really enjoyed taking a stroll along the boardwalk overlooking the Lehardy Rapids.  I had the whole place to myself.  A rare occurrence in Yellowstone.  I found it to be the perfect capstone to my trip to Yellowstone.  I peaceful walk hearing the power of the river. Yellowstone River

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