Oct 22

Wyoming Dinosaur Center

TREX and TriMy oldest daughter is dino-crazy.  So, we just had to make the drive to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center one of the premier dinosaur museums in the United States.  She was not disappointed.  Giving McKenna the chance to see over 30 mounted skeletons including a Supersaurus which is super by the way.  At 106 feet there is a bit of shock and awe factor going on.  Besides the museum area the Wyoming Dinosaur Center also has dig sites, a viewable fossil prep lab, and nice gift and snack store. Dinos
“M” is an avid fan of the PBS show Dinosaur Train. She does not get to watch a whole bunch of television and she still has not seen a movie yet.  When she does get to sit in front of the TV or computer screen it is Dinosaur Train all the way.  M has become our little dino-expert.  She knows them when she sees them, corrects me every time I say a name wrong which as it turns out happens a lot, and is an expert at their creature features so a visit to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center was high on our vacation to do list.
HologramMy wife Karen and I were also impressed with the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.  On the outside, it did not look like much.  Just a big Morten building.  However, the inside was a much different story.  One of the best dinosaur museums that we have been to.  Had skeletons of all the famous dinosaurs Triceratops, Stegosaurus, T-Rex, and Velociraptor.  It also had one-of-a-kind-displays like an Albertaceratops. As well as the only archaeopteryx skeleton in North America.  The archaeopteryx is the “missing link” between dinosaurs and birds. Tall one
There’s nothing like looking at dinosaur skeletons to bring out the child in us.  As great as the mounted skeletons were to look at and it was pretty inspiring.  What makes the Wyoming Dinosaur Center so special is the chance to work with real paleontologists in their lab or on an actual dinosaur dig.  They have a “dig for a day” excursion to an incredible bone yard.  Where over 10,000 bones have been excavated.  Unfortunately, we could not partake in that at the time.  A limited budget and the girls are just not old enough yet.  However, if McKenna keeps up with her dinosaur ways I could see a very special birthday surprise in about 8 or so years.
DinosaursWyoming Dinosaur Center is a great visit for those that are interested in prehistoric world.  They have lots to see on display.  A very informative walk thru time exhibit that explains the stages of ancient life.  Over 30 mounted skeletons and dozens of displays and dioramas.  As well as holographic Archaeopteryx raising up from its bones.  The entire family enjoyed this trip.  Well worth the time and effort to see the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. To see our reviews of other Wyoming attractions, click here Wyoming Dinosaur Center
Wyoming Dinosaur Center
Located at 110 Carter Ranch Rd. Thermopolis Wyoming
Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the summer 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the winter
Cost as of this Posting Adults 13 and over $10.00 Kids 4- to 12 and Seniors 60 and over $8.00
For more information visit their website at http://www.wyodino.org/

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