Oct 21

Hot Springs State Park: Wyoming

Hot Springs State ParkThermopolis… sounds like the hometown to a magma inspired superhero.  It just might be your marvelous spot after a soak in its free bath house.  Hot Springs State Park is Thermopolis best attraction.  Famous for being the home to the world’s largest mineral hot spring.  Where everyday over 8,000 gallons of mineral water bubble up from the ground below and flow over the terrace. Thermopolis’s Hot Springs Sate Park probably will not give you super powers but it will leave you super relaxed after a dip in its 104 degree water. Water on the Rocks
A scenic state park that offers more than just a bath.  Hot Springs State Park has 6.2 miles of hiking trails, a small herd of bison, river access to the Bighorn River, and the chance to cross a suspension foot bridge known as the swinging bridge.  Incredible that the park is free to visit.  Karen and I are always on the lookout for great free attractions and Hot Springs State Park is certainly one of them.
world’s largest mineral hot springWe were having a drive by visit to Hot Springs State Park. Our family was on our way home from Yellowstone National Park.  After a few hours on the road it is always a good thing to get out of the car.  Especially if driving with little ones.  Hot Springs State Park was the perfect stop for us.  It had some easy accessible places to walk around, picnic tables, and enough scenic spots to keep us entertained. Mineral Water
Our family spent a little over an hour at the state park.  That gave us enough time to explore around but not long enough to enjoy the therapeutic water.  We did see several people enjoy the outside pool as well as walk into the bath house.  I took my youngest for a walk along the elevated boardwalk that sits above the mineral hot spring.  I also enjoyed taking a stroll across the swinging bridge which offers a nice view of the large mineral spring.
Mineral Spring
Hot Springs State Park is a great little stop when heading east from Yellowstone National Park.  We used it as a lunch time break on our way to Cheyenne for the night.  Traveling with little ones we like to limit it to less than 8 hours of driving per day.  So, if we can go 4 hours and break for an hour and then drive 4 again and stop for the night it is a good day.  Any longer than that it becomes a punishment for all those in the car.    Hot Springs State Park gave us that respite.

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Hot Springs State Park
Located: at 538 N Park St. Thermopolis, Wyoming
Cost: as of this Posting: Free
Hours of Operation: Bath House M-Sat 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. opens at noon on Sundays
Grounds Sunrise to Sunset
For more information about Hot Springs State Park visit their website at http://wyoparks.state.wy.us/Site/SiteInfo.aspx?siteID=9

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