Oct 20

A Season of First Starts

first day of schoolMcKenna my oldest at 4 years old is starting so many new things.  Just in the past two months she has begun Kindergarten (homeschool with her Momma), dance class, as well as her first season of soccer under her belt.  We are thrilled and couldn’t be any prouder of our little girl but at the same time it is gut wrenching to see her growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday she was a helpless little infant and we were total newbies at this whole parenting thing.  Now she’s a three and a half-foot-tall little ballerina standing so straight with her blonde hair pulled up in a bun chatting with her Mom about the new dance move she just learned.  And we’re old parenting pros (at least we like to think so). Soccer Player
She’s such a brave little sweetheart, happy to try any and every new thing we throw at her.  She doesn’t know how nervous we get for her.  Will she have fun?  Will she make new friends?  Will it come easily for her?  It has been such a pleasure watching her bloom.

She received her first medal of many (we anticipate) for completing her soccer season.  She was ecstatic and could not wait to show her Daddy.

She is our treasure and while we love seeing her grow we can’t help but pray for it to slow down just a little.
Tiny Dancer

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  1. freda

    Such a beauty and so smart. She will do well at whatever she wants to do. She has such caring industrious parents you make me tired just thinking about it.

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