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Yellowstone Bear World

Bear Cub YBWHome to dozens of bears and the sweetest little bear cubs.  Yellowstone Bear World was a real vacation treat for us.  Located about an hour away from Yellowstone in Rexburg, Idaho.  A great little start to the trip there or a way to cap it.  Yellowstone Bear World is a drive through wildlife attraction.  A wonderful facility that includes the famous animals from Yellowstone National Park.  Grizzly and black bears, bison, moose, elk, and wolves all have a place at Yellowstone Bear World.  They also have a fine petting zoo.  An amusement park for the under 10 crowd.  Last but not least a nice educational exhibit area. White Elk
We drove the wildlife loop twice though a nice feature of the Yellowstone Bear World is they allow unlimited re-entries during the visit.  Really nice and helps, at least in our mind, justify the admission.  Though we found Yellowstone Bear World price comparable to other drive through safari’s we have been to.  The drive through area was jammed packed with animals.  Dozens of bears but also home to a number of hoof stock like deer, mountain goats, bison and elk.
Black Bear YBWAs nice as the drive through area was it was certainly beat by the baby bear enclosure and petting zoo area.  The petting zoo area in a little over an acre of space was a blast.  Our daughters went through it 3 different times.  Getting to pet the variety of barnyard animals made all of my girls squeal with delight.  My youngest just couldn’t get enough of the chickens and ducks.  Walking after them only to be tempted by another that crossed her path.  The petting zoo also featured two fawns and its parents.  Overall a great petting zoo experience. Baby Deer and Mom
The baby bear enclosure housed around eight little cubs divided up into two areas.  Those little bears would just wrestle and play, lounge around a bit, and do it all over again.  I really enjoyed seeing them.  As much as the petting zoo kept calling to my wife and girls the baby bears kept drawing me in.
Shock and AweAlso in the same area they had an educational building.  Inside they had furs and taxidermy animals.  As well as informational displays.  It was really nice to see them have an educational component to the entertainment side of things.  Along that train of thought we found the staff to be well informed and very friendly.  It was easy to tell those that worked there really enjoyed what they were doing.  Which also adds to the overall visit to Yellowstone Bear World. Mckenna Joy
Something that sets the Yellowstone Bear World apart from other places like it is its amusement park.  Not large but big enough to delight my four-year-old.  Watching her smile light up my heart as she dropped, spun, and twirled on the rides made this attraction for me.  Designed for the younger kids their amusement park area was a nice added touch to an already fun trip.
Grizzly Bear YBWNow a little too expensive for us but if you have money to burn something you might be interested in is their bottle feeding experience.  Different times of the year and a limited space per day visitors can bottle feed some of the baby animals they have.  During our visit which was early June there was the opportunity to feed the baby bears.  Yellowstone Bear World also has a curator tour and the opportunity to feed the adult bears.  They also have a large gift shop they call the 3 bears. bison YBW
Nothing beats seeing North America’s finest animals in their natural habitat.  However, seeing them in a drive through safari is a close second.  Especially when traveling with little ones.  We have found it hard to keep our little girls attention when out in a national park looking for where the wild things are.  Luckily my daughters, overall, are great little travelers.  So my wife and I like to reward them by going to places like Yellowstone Bear World.  Animals around every bend up close and personal.  While we might remember seeing the elk crossing the spring our daughters will recall the cubs at Yellowstone Bear World wrestling much more quickly.

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Riding the Train

Yellowstone Bear World
located at 6010 S 4300 W Rexburg, ID 83440
Hours of Operation 9 to 5
Cost as of this Posting: Adults 11 and over$16.95, Seniors 65 and over $15.95, Children 3 to 10 $10.95
For more information visit their website at http://yellowstonebearworld.com/

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